I created SWAY because I want to help women have it all... whatever "their" all is. You might be thinking "those are lofty goals for an athleisure company" but is it?  If you look good you feel good, so I have set out to build a line of athleisure clothing that is comfortable, stylish and functional; that can take you from a workout to out after work.  If it bears the SWAY logo, I guarantee it is soft, comfortable and the highest quality... I wouldn't wear anything else, why should you?     

In addition to the clothing, I am on a quest to build a culture of women that supports and motivates one another.  I feel like we are taught from a young age to compete with each other, instead of supporting and nurturing each other's goals and ambitions.  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or my blog (coming soon) as I succeed (and fail) in this quest to create my company, meet and interview AMAZING women and attempt to live this life to the fullest.  I do this not to celebrate myself but hopefully as a motivator for you to go out and live your most AMAZING life because believe me... if I can do it, you can too!  

It is this desire to support women that has lead to me donating a portion of SWAY's proceeds to women's and girl's charities.  Your purchase is helping some very worthy charities so you will not only feel good in SWAY but you can feel good about SWAY!  Check back on social media to see where the money is going and how it is helping women be AMAZING!  

Go out and be AMAZING! 

Tanya Flemister